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Same Magnesium-Powered Formula, New Package

nfuse magnesium lotion - Same Magnesium-Powered Formula, New Package. Women-Owned, Cruelty-Free

The magnesium-enriched lotion you love now comes in a new package! Our lotions still deliver USP grade magnesium in every pump, nourishing shea and cocoa butter, and aromatherapeutic essential oils (excluding our Calm + Replenish Unscented, of course).

But now with our jewel tone-colored bottles with more descriptive labeling, it’s clearer than ever the amount of magnesium each variety delivers: 225mg per pump. The bold color pallet helps customers quickly find nfuse on the shelf as well as distinguishing each variety, and the updated back label more clearly conveys nfuse magnesium-enriched lotion’s ingredient list and benefits.

With all these changes on our package, we want to reiterate our commitment to you about the consistent quality inside every bottle. We’re committed to delivering quality magnesium—something we all need and so many of us are deficient in—wrapped up in safe and effective personal care.

Thank you for supporting our brand by buying and gifting nfuse, and we look forward to your feedback on the new packaging!

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