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How It All Began

It all started at an Offutt family gathering when Ann’s husband, who has worked with magnesium his whole life, was talking about the powerful health benefits of this relatively unknown mineral. Intrigued, we (Ann and Emily, the Offutt sisters) began to look into it. Once we started, we couldn't stop. Over 50% of Americans' diets are deficient in this essential mineral. And this nutrient is important - almost every part of the body depends on it, it reduces stress, relaxes muscles, protects the heart, improves sleep... you name it, magnesium plays a part.

We started taking magnesium ourselves and felt revitalized, but oral supplements had downsides. Like most women, we were too busy managing our own lives and those around us - we wanted an easy way to make magnesium part of our daily routine. Was there a better way to deliver magnesium?

Our lucky break came on a trip to South America where we learned that milk of magnesia is used as a deodorant.  In addition to the multiple health benefits, could magnesium cure an everyday problem as annoying as body odor? We had to find out.

Once at home, we started experimenting using a proprietary, concentrated blend of magnesium combined with safe, natural ingredients. And it worked! No smell and smooth, beautiful-looking skin. We gave it to family and friends, and soon they were pounding on our doors for more. Not only did it make them smell good, it made them feel good too.

We wanted to be sure that we had the safest and most effective product available, so we brought it to a chemist with experience in pharmaceutical drug delivery as well as natural skin care formulation. Using innovative naturally-derived ingredients, he improved our formula even further by enhancing absorption of magnesium and making the deodorant seamlessly smooth to the skin during application.

After years of research, development, and experimentation we launched nfuse deodorant. A natural deodorant that works. A deodorant that we, as daughters of a breast cancer survivor, feel good putting on ourselves and our teenage kids. A deodorant that is truly safe, free of chemicals and aluminum that may be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. A deodorant that fuels our body with an essential mineral that is critical to the active, healthy lifestyle we try to lead.

We continue to innovate to provide you safe, high performing self care solutions that nourish your body with magnesium, this essential mineral that we’re so passionate about. Check out our newest products - we think you’ll love them; we do!