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How It Began

It all started during a family dinner when the topic turned to magnesium, a topic of which there is generations of knowledge in our extended family. Intrigued by the powerful health benefits of this relatively unknown mineral, we - the sisters Ann & Emily - began to look into it. Over 50% of Americans' diets are deficient in this essential mineral and this nutrient is important - almost every part of the body depends on it, it reduces stress, relaxes muscles, protects the heart, improves sleep... you name it, magnesium plays a part.

We started taking magnesium ourselves and felt revitalized, but oral supplements had downsides. Like most women, we were too busy managing our own lives and those around us - we wanted an easy way to make magnesium part of our daily routine.

Our lucky break came on a trip to South America where we learned that milk of magnesia is used as a deodorant.  Could we develop a natural deodorant that not only works but delivers the benefits of magnesium? After years of research, development and experimentation we launched nfuse deodorant - the first and only deodorant to deliver a dose of magnesium.

Now that we had the permeable underarm covered, we turned to the largest organ of the body, the skin, as a pathway for this miracle mineral best known as nature’s “chill pill”. We wanted a lotion that delivered a high level of magnesium to the skin but also felt good - something that people would actually look forward to putting on their body every night after their shower. This was hard and had never been done before - topical magnesium is known to be sticky and sting. We spent years testing formulation after formulation, until we finally had one that did it, providing the delivery of a significant amount of magnesium without all the unpleasant side effects. Now we had a lotion that not only nurtures healthy skin but also offers natural solutions for common problems that plague many women our age: helping to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, soothe muscle aches & pain and so much more.

We continue to innovate to provide you safe, high performing self care solutions that nourish your body with magnesium, this essential mineral that we’re so passionate about. Please let us know how nfuse has affected your everyday - we'd love to hear from you!

Ann & Emily
Sisters and Co-Founders