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Q+A: The Scalp Serum Collection

nfuse Scalp Serum Collection Q+A: Restore fuller, healthier hair + harness the whole-body benefits of magnesium as part of your daily self-care routine.

nfuse is proud to introduce our new Scalp Serum Collection, featuring NightCap and ReVIVE. The Collection is a dual action product line, packed with premium active ingredients to restore fuller, healthier hair and deliver whole-body benefits of magnesium as part of your daily self-care routine.

Being that this line is truly the first of its kind to market, we know you have questions. We have answers for you:


I understand the benefits of magnesium for relaxation and sleep, but what are the benefits of magnesium for hair?

Magnesium works to decalcify the root follicle, promote scalp circulation, improve protein synthesis.

How much magnesium do the Scalp Serums contain?

Both serums contain 220mg of USP-grade magnesium in an application of 1.5 grams serum (that’s two droppers’ worth). 

What is Procapil™?

It’s a patented peptide complex clinically proven to reduce hair shedding by up to 46% and increase hair density by up to 121%.

What’s the difference between NightCap and ReVIVE?

Each formula contains magnesium and Procapil™. Only NightCap contains melatonin to further aid in natural sleep support as well as improving hair follicle response to estrogen and stress. ReVIVE contains a botanical extract called Lindera Strynifolia Root Extract to help create a healthy scalp biome.

How do I use these Scalp Serums?

At bedtime, apply two droppers of your chosen product to the scalp, and massage thoroughly. Shower and rinse hair in the morning.

How long do I leave the Serum in to get results?

Apply two droppers of ReVIVE to dry scalp. Massage in and focus on areas that need special attention (temples, crown, part and hairline). These serums are an easy nighttime leave-in formulation for all hair types. However, you can rinse it out after as little as 30 minutes if desired. Rinse, then shampoo and condition as usual. 

How often do I need to use a serum to achieve results?

Apply ReVIVE or NightCap at least two to three times weekly, but you can apply as frequently as daily. You should reap the benefits of relaxation right away. In as little as six weeks, you will begin to see results. After 12 weeks, you should experience visibly thicker, stronger hair.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle lasts between 1.5 months (used daily) to 3 months (used 3 times/week).

Are the Serums for all hair types?

Yes! Both NightCap and ReVIVE are safe and effective for all hair types--all ethnicities and genders--and for color-treated hair. 


Like all nfuse products, the Collection is free of parabens, phthalates, silicone, sulfates and fragrance, plus both products are Leaping Bunny Certified, vegan, proudly made in the USA, and created by a Certified Women-Owned brand.

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