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nfuse Magnesium Makes it to Wegmans Shelves

nfuse Magnesium Makes it to Wegmans Shelves

Join us in celebrating and sharing the word: nfuse magnesium-powered self-care has made it to the shelves of Wegmans, the beloved east coast chain of stores spanning from New York to North Carolina!

Solving a Real Issue

nfuse founders Ann and Emily created this brand to solve a problem they experienced themselves and saw in many around them. Americans are over-stressed, consuming significant amounts of caffeine and alcohol, and our diets regularly fall short. Those hectic lifestyles combined with a number environmental factors explain why nearly half of us are deficient in magnesium, the mineral involved in hundreds of processes in our body, including regulating blood pressure, blood sugar and our heartbeat. It's also the mineral necessary for relaxation, muscle pain relief, mood and so much more.

How could we break the cycle? Could we create a way to effectively take in magnesium as part of our daily routine? 

Magnesium as Part of Your Self-Care

That's exactly what we did: We created a natural deodorant with a patented technology for delivering magnesium through the skin. Not only does a daily application ensure you're getting highly absorbable magnesium with every swipe, our natural deodorants are powerfully effective in fighting odor while being free from aluminum, parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrance.

From our founders, "More and more consumers are looking to incorporate magnesium into their lives. The team at Wegmans had just met about trends for 2023 and magnesium was top of that list. It was an easy choice for them to bring on nfuse as we are the industry leader in delivering magnesium through the skin as part of a daily self-care routine. We couldn't be more thrilled to be part of Wegmans!"

Thank you for supporting our small women-owned business by shopping for nfuse Natural Magnesium Roll On Deodorant at Wegmans or at one of many retailers across the country, and by sharing the word about us.

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I am so happy to hear it will be on the shelves. I purchased thru Grommet. Love your product it has helped me in many ways

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