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The Magnesium x Stress Connection

The Magnesium x Stress Connection - with image of woman

Any guesses what minerals have earned these monikers?

      • Nature’s Chill Pill
      • The Relaxation Mineral
      • Nature’s Tranquilizer
      • The Anti-Stress Mineral
      • The Magical Miracle

All five of these well-earned nicknames belong to our favorite mineral here at nfuse: MAGNESIUM.

How Does Magnesium Work?

Magnesium supports adrenal function and can reduce the release of the stress hormone ACTH (the hormone that tells your adrenal glands to pump out cortisol and adrenaline), as well acting as a filter to prevent stress hormones from entering the brain. On top of making your body relax, magnesium plays a part in synthesizing serotonin which regulates anxiety, happiness and mood.

An analysis of studies of magnesium supplementation demonstrated ''efficacy of Mg in the treatment of anxiety in the mildly anxious and those reporting premenstrual syndrome-related anxiety is suggestive of a beneficial effect of Mg intake."

Are You Getting Enough?

So are you getting enough magnesium? Unfortunately, due to overly farmed soil and mineral-stripped water, combined with significant daily stressors, overly processed diets, and caffeine- and alcohol-filled lifestyles, more than half of  Americans don't consume the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) of "The Anti-Stress Mineral."

Magnesium As a Part of Your Daily Routine

Magnesium is readily absorbed through your skin, making nfuse magnesium-enriched self-care products and ideal way to increase the intake of this important mineral. We invite you to share YOUR magnesium story: Be in touch or share a comment here. 

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