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Do Men Need Magnesium?

Active man lying on running track - Do Men Need Magnesium?

Do men need magnesium? 

It should come to no surprise, of course they do: Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that men 31 and older aim for 420 mg of magnesium per day, substantially more than women.

The real question is, are men getting enough magnesium to thrive, and the answer to that is: Not likely.

About half of Americans consume less than the Estimated Average Requirement for magnesium, partly due to underconsumption of magnesium-rich foods, our soil being depleted of minerals, as well as lifestyle factors including stress, over-consumption of alcohol and highly processed foods.

What does that mean for men’s health?

At best, insufficient magnesium may lead to symptoms like poor sleep, a decrease in athletic performance, decreased bone health, muscle aches and poor recovery from workouts. More serious impacts of magnesium deficiency can include greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

We created nfuse as a solution for this very issue: We produce a range of topical magnesium you can incorporate into your daily personal care, from our Eucalyptus Magnesium Lotion (we regularly hear from a group of golfers who swear by it!), to our Unscented Natural Magnesium Deodorant to our new line of Scalp Serums (which have the added benefit of restoring hair health).




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