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Evergreen Natural Magnesium Clear Gel Deodorant


Rich woodsy scent awakens the senses like a long hike into the depths in a lush living forest.


Specially formulated long lasting scent for all-day wear from a unique blend of essential oils and plant extracts. Utilizes innovative magnesium delivery technology to knock out odor and deliver maximum magnesium performance. Magnesium - an essential mineral for a healthy lifestyle - is vital for energy production, muscle performance and relaxation.


USP pharmaceutical grade. Sustainable sourced from the Dead Sea. 150 mg of magnesium (as magnesium chloride) per application (1g).


Goes on clear and stays clear. Active mineral odor blocking delivers powerful, invisible odor control that keeps you confidently fresh all day long.


Safe & naturally derived. Free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and artificial fragrance. No Baking Soda. Vegan, cruelty-free and proudly made in the USA.



Water, magnesium chloride, propanediol, silica, zinc lactate, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, phenylpropanol, cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass) oil, tocopherol, salvia officinalis (sage) oil, linalool


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Life changer!

I waited a while to review this product because I had to be SURE. I have now been using this for 3 months and I have to say it has changed my life! Truly! I live in a climate that is hot and humid a majority of the year and have hormonal issues which have led to some extremely embarrassing body odor. Seriously, it STINKS that I have to even admit this on a public platform. It can get so bad that my armpit (for some reason one of my armpits is worse than the other 🤷‍♀️) is known as the "Rogue" armpit bc it just likes to do its own thing and bc Rogue armpit is a much nicer term than Swamp Pit. Several years ago I made the switch to natural deodorants and what a ride it has been. Pastes, creams, gels, sprays, wipes, you name it. If I seemed to find one that worked it was always short lived... usually after a couple weeks I was back to smelling awful. Some led to rashes or other physical issues. Some made the stench worse than if I'd worn nothing at all. I ruined so many shirts. Spent a lot of money (bc let's admit it, many natural deodorants are expensive!) Probably ruined several relationships (well ok that's made up, but I'm sure it makes for a much better feel relationship when I don't smell bad.) I just got to the point where I'd constantly have to rotate my deodorants. I was finally so tired of it and so paranoid about others being able to smell me that it no longer seemed worth it to me so I switched back to regular antiperspirant/deodorant. 😱 And that went well until... it no longer worked either! Sooooo......... somehow I ended up on this product and thought well can't hurt to try this. I am truly amazed. I haven't heard about my Rogue armpit in a while. In fact it might have packed up and left now that it's been completely forgotten. Na na na na... hey hey hey... goooodbyyyye. Like most natural deodorants NO it's not an antiperspirant. It doesn't stop sweat. However it seems to make me feel a lot less sweaty than others. If I have been particularly sweaty I can smell normal sweat/BO but it's not SWAMP PIT. It is PRICY... but can anyone put a price on peace of mind knowing you won't knock people out with your stench as soon as you enter a room? No, you cannot. Now as far as the scent goes (Evergreen)... it's slightly a little Pine-Sol smelling and I don't love it but I don't hate it... honestly don't care. It's not overpowering enough to negate all the great aspects of it. I actually do use the Evergreen gel and the Roll-on in the lavender and I do prefer the scent of the lavender but they both work equally. I often use the Evergreen during the day and lavender at night. The only thing to be warned about with this deodorant is it STINGS... very badly... esp after shaving. I do think my magnesium levels have increased from this product tho and so it doesn't sting nearly as bad as it used to (I have used magnesium spray before so I knew that it has a tendency to sting a bit if you're deficient.) If it stings a lot in the beginning just give it some time... it should diminish after a while of use.

So to my fellow swamp pits... get this and go forth into the world knowing you don't have to worry about being so offensive! (At least to the olfactory senses...)

Bruce Brackman
Awesome Deodorant

This product is nothing shy of excellent. The scent is fresh and not overpowering. The deodorant is effective and last throughout the day and night. This product is extremely environmentally sensitive. I highly recommend this product. This review was not solicited.

Alex R.
Love the scent

nfuse makes some of the best natural deodorants I’ve found. The evergreen scent is fantastic. Reminds me of being in a pine forest. I’m not as crazy about the gel format. It tends to leave more white marks on clothing and the odor protection doesn’t seem to last as long compared to the nfuse roll-on format. Please offer this scent in a roll-on!

Great deoderant

I am so happy to find infuse. I have heard about the beneficial effects of Magnesium and here it is in a non-toxic deoderant. It also works great.

Helen V.
Nfuse evergreen deodorant

This deodorant works better than anything I’ve ever used