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nfuse launches in CVS Sleep Boutiques

nfuse at CVS

Sister-Owned Wellness Start-up NFUSE Launches Topical Magnesium Lotions at CVS Health Hubs in New Sleep Boutiques

Spotlight on nfuse topical magnesium lotions in CVS’s curated collection of sleep solutions


Owings Mills, MD – Innovative, magnesium-based skincare company nfuse is excited to announce the launch of their new lavender and eucalyptus topical magnesium body lotions in the Sleep Boutiques at CVS Health Hubs nationwide.

“We are at the forefront of delivering the powerful benefits of this essential mineral and are growing quickly as more and more women turn to nfuse for a better night’s sleep,” says Ann Ahl, co-founder of nfuse. “Our skin-smoothing lotion delivers a concentrated boost of magnesium - better known as nature’s chill pill - to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.”


nfuse’s proprietary magnesium technology delivers a significant amount of magnesium to the skin - 225mg of magnesium chloride in each pump. Each lotion marries calming magnesium with aromatherapeutic essential oils to promote deep relaxation & sleep and ease muscle aches & pains.

According to Tiffany Stuart, a certified holistic health coach and lifestyle wellness expert, it's a good idea to include magnesium in your skincare routine -- something you can easily do with lotions. Her top recommendation for clients is nfuse topical magnesium body lotions.

"Whenever I'm dealing with a particularly stressful situation which could be temporary or long lasting, I try to make sure I'm hitting my recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Magnesium helps the muscles relax, ease stress levels, and even help with sleep,” she said.

On Amazon, reviewer Caroline M. shares, “My doctor suggested that increasing my magnesium intake could help me sleep better, I tried supplements but didn’t really notice any difference. Then I discovered nfuse and it was like magic! I use the lotion at night before bed - love the calming lavender scent - and from day one I was sleeping better than I have in years. Plus, my skin is so soft. I am so grateful for this product - it is a game-changer!”

Available at CVS Health Hubs, Whole Foods, natural independent retailers nationwide, Amazon and online, nfuse magnesium body lotions are available for the suggested retail price of $14.99.


About nfuse

nfuse was founded by sisters, Emily and Ann, who were inspired by the health benefits of magnesium to help with stress relief, sleep and relaxation and wanted to make it available to everyone via a daily personal care routine. nfuse’s collection of topical magnesium lotions and natural deodorants use only premium naturally derived ingredients, the best magnesium available and are formulated for maximum efficacy and magnesium performance. All nfuse products are cruelty free, vegan and made in the USA. 

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