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What sets nfuse apart

nfuse products are based on a patented magnesium permeation technology that optimizes magnesium absorption into the body. We use pure magnesium in a high concentration with clinically proven naturally derived ingredients demonstrated to increase the permeation of magnesium ions through the skin. 


One relatively unknown advantage of magnesium is that an optimal delivery mechanism is through the skin, the largest organ of the body. You can’t say that about too many other vitamins and minerals! The skin is able to absorb magnesium it needs while avoiding reduced bio-availability due to gut or digestive issues.


nfuse takes it even one step farther. Our patented technology creates a virtual patch that delivers the magnesium deep into the skin and holds it there, so it has time to diffuse into the body. 


Working with the best minds in therapeutic topicals and transdermal magnesium, we've created a range of natural personal care products that harness the power of magnesium to deliver dramatic results.



Effect of transdermal magnesium on serum and urinary magnesium levels 
Key conclusion: Topically applied magnesium cream increased magnesium serum& urinary magnesium levels in participants


During the two week study, 25 participants were randomly assigned a magnesium cream with 56 mg Mg (a low dose compared with nfuse transdermal Mg2+ deodorants & lotions) or a placebo to use every day. The participants using the magnesium cream showed a relevant increase in both serum and urinary markers while the subjects using the placebo cream showed no change in serum and urinary magnesium levels.






Effects of transdermal magnesium chloride for patients with fibromyalgia

Key finding: Significant benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers

As part of a Mayo Clinic study, 40 women participated in a study to determine if transdermal magnesium could improve the quality of life of patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Each filled out a questionnaire documenting the severity and symptoms and were asked to apply magnesium chloride twice a day on the arms and legs for four weeks. The data recorded at the beginning, middle and end of the study showed that for all subjects, all complaints associated with Fibromyalgia improved significantly. 




Permeation of topically applied magnesium ions through human skin is facilitated by hair follicles

Key finding: Hair follicles improve topical magnesium absorption by up to 40%.

This trial aimed to measure the absorption of magnesium through the top layer of skin and the role of hair follicles.  The research determined the top layer of skin is permeable to magnesium chloride, which is significantly facilitated by hair follicles. Permeation is increased both with time magnesium chloride is left on the skin, as well as the concentration of the magnesium chloride solution.

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REST IS BEST - Woman relaxing with tea, a journal and nfuse Sleep Lotion with magnesium and melatonin

A 7-Day Practice: Rest is Best!




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