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Press Release: nfuse Launches New Products in Response to America’s Post-Covid Sleep and Health Challenges

Press Release: nfuse Launches New Products in Response to America’s Post-Covid Sleep and Health Challenges
Magnesium-Enriched Personal Care Brand nfuse Launches New Products in Response to America’s Post-Covid Sleep and Health Challenges
Women-owned nfuse will launch new offerings at Natural Products Expo East trade show


OWINGS MILLS, MD, Sept. 20, 2022 – Responding to the pervasive issue of insufficient quality sleep in the era of COVID-19, sister-owned brand nfuse adds two new products to its suite of magnesium-enriched personal care: NightCap and Sleep Lotion

Per a widely-reported on systematic review of data in 2021, 40% of the global population reported inadequate sleep. Inordinate stress and reduced physical activity contribute to Americans’ sleep issues, as does the blurring work and life for remote workers, and generally poor sleep hygiene. Further, the Cleveland Clinic reported data in June 2022 finding sleep disturbance to be especially common among COVID-19 long-haulers.

nfuse will launch these new products at New Hope Network’s Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia, September 29-October 1:

  • NightCap is the first of its kind scalp serum with essential magnesium and melatonin to help promote restful sleep, plus PROCAPIL®, a patented peptide complex clinically proven to visibly reduce shedding and improve thickness of hair
  • Sleep Lotion is an evolution of nfuse’s current line of magnesium lotion, formulated with the addition of melatonin and lavender essential oils to promote restful sleep and healthy-looking skin

nfuse Co-Founder Ann Offutt Ahl says, "We heard from so many people struggling to sleep, and we could relate!” Co-Founder Emily Zollinger adds, “It inspired us to create dual action products to use from your head to your toes with concentrated magnesium, the mineral we can’t—and don’t—get enough of to promote sleep, improve skin and hair health and so much more.

According to New Hope Network's Nutrition Business Journal, sales in the natural and organic industry are forecast to surpass $300 billion, “driven by conscious consumers who place a premium on ensuring their health and well-being while increasingly looking toward social responsibility and sustainability.”

nfuse line of personal care is available in retailers across the US, including Whole Foods Market, CVS, Natural Grocers and more. These new products will launch online and in select natural retailers in 2023.


About nfuse

nfuse was founded by sisters Emily and Ann, who were inspired by the health benefits of magnesium to help with stress relief, sleep, and relaxation and wanted to make it available to everyone via a daily personal care routine. nfuse’s collection of topical magnesium lotions and natural deodorants use only premium naturally derived ingredients, the best magnesium available, and are formulated for maximum efficacy and magnesium performance. All nfuse products are cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA. To learn more, visit


For media inquiries, reach out to Co-Founder Ann Ahl at

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