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Help Us Share the Nfuse News: We're at Fresh Thyme!

nfuse Eucalyptus Ultra Nourishing Magnesium Lotion

We built the nfuse brand around the restorative power of magnesium, and we've been thrilled to see the "magical mineral" making it into the mainstream, featured in with recent articles in The Washington PostGreatist and even a segment on The Today Show

With understanding of the importance of this mineral for optimum health, and the realization that so many of us are consuming--or absorbing--insufficient levels, nfuse offers men and women a solution wrapped up in the form of natural, magnesium-enriched self-care! 

And retailers are stepping up, too: We're delighted to announce Midwest natural chain Fresh Thyme now carries nfuse Lavender, Unscented and Eucalyptus Ultra Nourishing Magnesium Lotion. 

Please help us share the word with friends in states where Fresh Thyme is located, including Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. And of course, if you're a Fresh Thyme shopper, look for nfuse in the lotion section and support your health--and our small women-owned business!--by shopping for us there. 

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nfuse magesium lotions with essential oils - Lavender, Eucalyptus and Unscented

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