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Can magnesium be absorbed through your skin?

Can magnesium be absorbed through your skin?

Our skin is a marvel of nature, creating an effective barrier to protect us from the outside environment. You may have also heard the large size of the magnesium hydrated ion makes it difficult to penetrate the skin. Considering these factors, how can transdermal magnesium (magnesium applied topically to your skin) be absorbed?

The short answer is science!

The longer answer is that Ann and Emily, the founders of nfuse, base all our products on a patented magnesium permeation technology that optimizes magnesium absorption into the body. 

How does nfuse do it?

Formulated using principles of transdermal drug delivery, nfuse acts as a “virtual patch” holding the magnesium deep within the layers of the skin.

While magnesium ions may be relatively large, certain ingredients like Propanediol can help dissolve magnesium chloride and enhance penetration. Propanediol increases the transdermal flux of magnesium chloride by up to 3-fold, as demonstrated in a study published in the journal Pharmaceutics.

This, along with other permeation-enhancing key actives like Lysophospholipids and Menthol, combined with a high concentration of USP grade magnesium, facilitates the absorption of magnesium through the skin.

Who’s studying transdermal magnesium?

The lack of a standardized laboratory test that accurately measures magnesium levels in the body remains one of the most vexing challenges associated with the magnesium field. This makes it difficult to assess the efficacy of transdermal magnesium products and to determine individual magnesium needs.

Despite these challenges, researchers are actively working to develop new methods for measuring transdermal magnesium absorption and continuing to study the effects of transdermal magnesium.

Learn about a few key studies happening now at prestigious institutions around the world:

Journal of Integrative Medicine

Effects of transdermal magnesium chloride for patients with fibromyalgia

Key finding: Significant benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers



Plos One

Effect of transdermal magnesium on serum and urinary magnesium levels 

Key conclusion: Topically applied magnesium cream increased magnesium serum & urinary magnesium levels in participants.



The University of Queensland, Australia 

Permeation of topically applied magnesium ions through human skin is facilitated by hair follicles

Key finding: Hair follicles improve topical magnesium absorption by up to 40%.



Mayo Clinic

The Dietary and Topical Magnesium Replacement or Supplementation in Patients with Lymphoma clinical trial (NCT05294367) is a phase I trial at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The trial is designed to investigate the effect of dietary and topical magnesium replacement (magnesium lotion) on magnesium levels in patients with lymphoma.


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