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7 Years of Self-Care with nfuse

Sisters, founders and owners of nfuse, Emily and Ann, share magnesium enriched self-care at Natural Products Expo West

July of 2022 marks 7 years since we launched nfuse, and we simply wouldn't be here without you! Thank you for giving nfuse a try, and for spreading the word about our brand as you reap the benefits of magnesium and the effectiveness of our self-care line. 

It all started with a conversation about magnesium at a family dinner, where sisters Ann and Emily, intrigued by benefits of "the magical mineral," wondered: Is there a way to incorporate magnesium and its myriad of health benefits into daily self-care?  

After all, more than half of Americans' diets are deficient in this essential mineral that almost every part of the body depends on: It reduces stress, relaxes muscles, protects the heart, improves name it, magnesium plays a part.

After a few years of inspiration and a whole lot of experimentation, the first nfuse magnesium roll on was created and nfuse was launched! Read more about how nfuse began here.

Timeline of women-owned natural magnesium-enriched self-care line nfuse

Thank you for supporting our women-owned brand by buying and sharing nfuse! Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our e-newsletter, where we'll be sharing special moments in nfuse history--and some surprise savings.



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