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2023 Magnesium-Powered Wrap-Up

nfuse founders Ann and Emily at Stop & Shop with their Magnesium Lotion

When sisters Ann & Emily founded nfuse in 2017, they were offering a creative solution to a real health concern: Magnesium is a powerful mineral necessary for physical health and wellbeing, and many Americans don't consume enough of it. nfuse offers a new way to take in the critical nutrient as part of your everyday personal care, using only safe, natural ingredients you can feel good about putting on yourself and your family.

2023 marked a year of tremendous innovation as we work toward that mission, including these highlights:

New packaging

New packaging for nfuse Magnesium Lotion

Launched in 2019, our nourishing lotions deliver USP grade magnesium in every pump, nourishing shea and cocoa butter, and aromatherapeutic essential oils (excluding our unscented variety, of course). This year we dramatically changed the packaging, introducing jewel tone-colored bottles with more descriptive labeling and clear information on the amount of magnesium each variety delivers: 225mg per pump! The bold color pallet helps customers quickly find nfuse on the shelf as well as distinguishing each variety, and the updated back label more clearly conveys nfuse magnesium-enriched lotion’s ingredient list and benefits.

New Sleep Lotion

With our magnesium lotions taking off, 2023 was the year we added a new variety to the line to address a national concern: Sleep--or more accurately the lack of sleep! We enriched the formula with the high quality magnesium you've come to expect from nfuse, but we also added sleep-inducing melatonin and aromatherapeutic lavender essential oils to promote deep relaxation and restorative sleep. Sleep Lotion started as an eCommerce exclusive, but we're thrilled to announce it is now available at Natural Grocers, Fred Meyer, Earth Fare and Central Market.

NightCap Scalp Serum with magnesium, melatonin and Procapil

New Scalp Serum Collection

nfuse has developed a reputation for creating products that deliver multiple benefits, which we strongly reinforced in our newest product line introduced in 2023: The Scalp Serum Collection is comprised of two products designed to address these significant health and quality of life issues in each product.

NightCap contains essential magnesium and melatonin to promote restful sleep, plus Procapil™, a patented peptide complex clinically proven to visibly reduce shedding and improve thickness of hair. ReVIVE also contains essential magnesium and Procapil™ along with botanicals (Lindera Stynifolia Root Extract) to balance the scalp microbiome. We're thrilled to hear from customers who are seeing and feeling the impact of these groundbreaking serums.

More retailers nationwide

With magnesium making it into the mainstream in 2023--just search magnesium on social media for a deluge of testimonials, or search any mainstream health and fitness site--natural and conventional retailers across the country added nfuse products to their shelves. This year, we are proud to begin offering our magnesium-powered self-care products at Stop & Shop, Food Bazaar, Fred Meyer, Central Market and Earth Fare, and we continue to stock the shelves of select Whole Foods Market, Fresh Thyme, MOMs Organic Market and many more. Find our Store Locator here. 

The other secret ingredient

We built our brand around magnesium, but we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you for supporting our mission to make magnesium a part of your daily self-care by buying and sharing our products, forwarding our e-newsletter to others who could benefit from it, and engaging with us on social media (find us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok!). 

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