Frequently Asked Questions

How to use?

Before your first use, give the bottle a good shake. Apply 2-3 swipes and allow the deodorant to absorb before dressing. Most people find they only need to apply once a day, but, since nfuse™ provides essential nourishment for your body, many choose to reapply throughout the day.

I’ve never used a natural deodorant. What should I expect?

After two weeks of use, nfuse™ will make you feel cleaner and more nourished than your old deodorant. Some of you will feel the difference immediately and others will need two weeks for your bodies to get rid of aluminum and other chemicals that remain on your skin after you switch. During your adjustment feel free to reapply often. What makes nfuse™ truly different is that its #1 ingredient, magnesium, is a nutrient that your body needs.

How is magnesium important to the body?

Magnesium is essential for overall health and has been called nature’s “chill pill”. It affects how every part of your body functions and is crucial for energy production, heart health, healthy brain activity, stress reduction, improved sleep, and optimal muscle performance.

Is it possible to get too much?

No, your body gets rid of excess magnesium.

Is nfuse™ an antiperspirant? Will I sweat?

Nfuse™ is not an antiperspirant. We don’t use sweat blockers like aluminum that clog your sweat glands and block the body’s healthy process of sweating. Your body needs to sweat to cool down and release toxins. Our deodorant allows your body to detoxify naturally and does not disrupt your body’s chemistry or pheromones.

Will it stain my clothes?

Unlike aluminum based antiperspirants that leave yellow stains, magnesium based nfuse™ will not stain your clothes. If you get white marks on your clothes, they are easily wiped off with a damp cloth.